The first printing of Kim Cooper's The Kept Girl is being published by the Subscription model. Subscriptions are now closed. Subscribers to the book will enjoy the following benefits:
  1. They are among the first people on earth to hold a copy of The Kept Girl in their hands.
  2. They are prominently acknowledged in print in all copies of the book itself.
  3. They are the author's guest at a very special Subscriber's Appreciation event. 
  4. Their Subscriber's' copy of The Kept Girl comes enclosed in a limited edition decorative case.
  5. They will also receive an ebook edition of The Kept Girl upon request.  
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About this publishing method: The Subscription model of publishing flourished in England in the 17th Century. Instead of relying on a single regal (and often capricious) patron, authors and publishers cultivated a select group of literate, engaged readers and collectors whose support encouraged and enabled the publication of books that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive to produce. Through Subscription-sponsored publication, important atlases, geographies and histories saw the light, along with great literature, including Milton's Paradise Lost.